Simmi Chika Indian Wedding Melbourne

Four amazing days of capturing the wedding celebrations of Simmi  and Chika, with their festivities guaranteed to be full of style, colour and traditions, tied together perfectly with the love they have for each other –  this Melbourne wedding promised it all and they certainly did not disappoint! Covering five beautiful events, I could not wait to share all  the special moments that took place between the Crimson Bride and her husband Chika!

Their celebrations started off with a traditional yet intimate Haldi get-together, a ceremony where turmeric paste was applied to the bride’s face, feet and hands. This is said to remove any nervousness, bless the couple with fortune and prosperity as well as give the bride radiant and sparkling skin in order for her to stand out in the crowd on her wedding day! Walking into her house, I was delighted at what I was welcomed with; it had been transformed into a beautiful setting which words can’t describe, decorated with lighting and flowers beginning at the entrance, right through to the stunning  garden mandup which was surrounded by tree vines. I returned to the house later that night for the Mehndi night, an essential element of the bride’s outfit on her wedding day, with her guest joining in on the fun getting their hands painted as well! A  fun celebration amidst music, some dancing and even Chika trying to find his name cleverly hidden in Simmi’s painted hands!

Day two was the couples Sangeet night – Simmi and Chika stunned us all with amazing matching outfits, with Simmi effortlessly taking centre stage in her pink and blue lengha adorned in sparkling jewels! The house had been re-decorated again beautifully with the help of ‘Red Temple Events’, making enough room for the fun revelry about to take place. Their Sangeet had it all; a musical night filled with singing, dancing, food, laughter, tears of joy, and most of all the joyful smiles that never left the couples’ face throughout the night! What more could you want – and this was just a teaser into what was going to be a most amazing wedding and reception!

As Saturday dawned, so too did Simmi and Chika’s official wedding day! Located at the spectacular Stones of the Yarra Valley, their traditional ceremony took place under the sun, in a beautiful yet modern open mandup which allowed for the scenic views of the Yarra Valley as their backdrop. Once again, Simmi looked an absolute vision in her bridal outfit, dazzling her guests as she took her place next to her husband to be. As the couple took part in their rituals that would name them husband and wife, Simmi’s cheeky friends stole the groom’s shoes which ensured an entertaining battle between the two parties! The ceremony was followed by a delicious lunch and some touching words given by both the mother of the bride and the groom. The day finished all too soon, but not before taking advantage of the great location with a photo shoot for the couple in and around the vineyard!

Day four; the reception; the final event. Starting at Melbourne Uni and Port Melbourne for some beach shots, we then settled in for an evening dedicated to celebrating the newlyweds, taking place at Carousel, on the banks of Albert Park Lake with uninterrupted views of Melbourne’s city skyline. In classic romance and style, what a way to end a perfect wedding party– The Crimson Bride had left nothing out! With food and endless dancing, adoring speeches by both dad’s, hilarious stories from the bridal party, humbled thanks’ and a loving first dance from the couple themselves, BLVD’s incredible same day edit and my surprise gift for the bride and groom, a slideshow of photo’s from the preceding four events.

Simmi and Chika, beginning with your pre wedding shoot a few months back, seeing the way you both effortlessly complement each other in every way, I knew that your wedding weekend was going to be something special! Well the big day (or in your case ‘days’!) finally arrived, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. All of the vibrant colours, dancing, music and love showered upon you from family and friends made for one incredibly breathtaking Indian wedding experience. It’s no surprise that each and every photo taken at this beautiful affair has captured some of the beauty, energy and spirituality that epitomise you both so well! Thanks for choosing me to be a part of your unforgettable week, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed – I wish you both all of the love and happiness on your new journey together!

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– Shevan J

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